Emergency Earthquake Relief for RUWON Friends

Recently, LIFT developed a partnership with RUWON, a women’s literacy organization in Nepal.

For two weeks in early April three of their staff members went through an intensive training in our basic literacy program so that they could more effectively teach women and children in Nepal to read with the goal of reducing human trafficking and domestic violence.

We are relieved to share that Dhruba, Uma and Kalpana and their immediate families were unharmed in the recent earthquake and aftershocks. However, there are many, many who need immediate assistance including the young children who live in an orphanage run by RUWON staff.

We send them our thoughts and prayer during this difficult time. Please consider making a donation to relief efforts. All amounts are greatly appreciated.


Duke Alum @ LIFT

We are so grateful for a very successful second annual Duke Engage day at LIFT!

During their visit, 24 Duke alum conducted 18 intake sessions. That means a huge helping hand for our part-time intake staff. Eighteen intake sessions could normally take as long as 1.5 weeks.

Our ability to schedule a large-scale intake day also lead to 6 additional rescheduled intake sessions that were conducted last week.

Many alum plan to continue volunteering on a regular basis!