New Passing Score for the GED

July 2015, LIFT’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, Amber Sims, wrote an article about the difficulty of the new GED test that was published in the Washington Post. Her goal was to advocate on behalf of students who are working hard to open new doors for themselves. The new GED test includes a 25 WPM typing requirement as well as a strong application of advanced algebraic concepts. Even those with highly developed reading, writing and math skills struggle to pass this new test which has crossed the threshold of assessing basic skills into a place of creating unnecessary barriers.
The President of GED personally responded to Amber’s article defending the difficulty of the test and she responded, “Our students have been ignored for so long and we owe it to them and our community to push back.”
There are many people and organizations across Texas and the US who demanded this change. We are thrilled to share that on January 26, 2016, GED has decided to “recalibrate” aka lower the minimum test score from 150 to 145.
It’s five points, yet for many LIFT students it means they could have passed this test long ago and it means they can move to the next level in their lives. ‪#‎welift‬ ‪#‎speakupwriteup‬…/01/26/new-passing-score-ged

U.S. House speaker visits anti-poverty program in Dallas hosted by LIFT VP of Strategic Partnerships

“At LIFT we teach adults how to read. Because, what can you do if you can’t read? Did you know that more than 950,000 people in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area do not have a high school diploma or GED? This minimum credential can open the door to higher wages and allow someone to gain a foothold on the pathway out of poverty.”

Across the country, the percentage of people living in poverty is rapidly growing. Dallas has one of the highest poverty rates of any major city in the U.S. and it is catching the attention of elected officials on all sides of every aisle, from the local to the federal level.

Monday, LIFT’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Amber Sims, emceed the launch event of a new Dallas-based poverty elimination program “Urban Specialists” which empowers people to help youth and adults in their own communities take their first steps out of poverty. Guests included Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Mayor Mike Rawlings, local elected officials including Jennifer Staubach Gates and Erik Wilson as well as Dallas legend Deion Sanders.



The State of Education

Recently, LIFT’s President/CEO, Lisa Hembry. along with other seasoned professional education experts were invited to a panel on the McCuistion report to talk about the U.S education system, where we were in 1990, and where we are now.

Education is the subject of the first part in a three part series on 25 Years of Education. In the 1983 report A Nation At Risk, President Reagan said, “if an unfriendly foreign power had intended to impose on America the mediocre education system that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war”. In the U.S. education today costs 2.5 times more per pupil than it did 50 years ago, yet Math and English grades have stayed the same, and Science grades are actually down. We are spending more on education than any other country in the world and getting less return on investment for it. According to the Nation At Risk report, our educational system is not designed to set goals and objectives. From 1983 to today our efforts to correct this have met with little success. – Wacth the video now: