New Passing Score for the GED

July 2015, LIFT’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, Amber Sims, wrote an article about the difficulty of the new GED test that was published in the Washington Post. Her goal was to advocate on behalf of students who are working hard to open new doors for themselves. The new GED test includes a 25 WPM typing requirement as well as a strong application of advanced algebraic concepts. Even those with highly developed reading, writing and math skills struggle to pass this new test which has crossed the threshold of assessing basic skills into a place of creating unnecessary barriers.
The President of GED personally responded to Amber’s article defending the difficulty of the test and she responded, “Our students have been ignored for so long and we owe it to them and our community to push back.”
There are many people and organizations across Texas and the US who demanded this change. We are thrilled to share that on January 26, 2016, GED has decided to “recalibrate” aka lower the minimum test score from 150 to 145.
It’s five points, yet for many LIFT students it means they could have passed this test long ago and it means they can move to the next level in their lives. ‪#‎welift‬ ‪#‎speakupwriteup‬…/01/26/new-passing-score-ged