Potpourri Book Club establishes fund to honor Nancy Spivey

A scholarship fund has been established by the Potpourri Book Club to honor the legacy of Nancy Spivey, and her commitment to teaching literacy education for adults.  The fund will be used to offset the costs of registration fees, books, supplies, and volunteer training for the Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) program.


Born in Alice, Texas in 1942, Nancy had to fight to learn, having dyslexia before learning differences were recognized. She worked through school, graduated Southwestern University with high honors, then became an actress and theater director.  She later became a volunteer instructor for low-literate adults at Literacy Instruction for Texas, utilizing all methods of instruction available, including learning tools and games.  She served multiple roles over the years, from teacher and program developer to a member of the Board of Directors.

Nancy believed in possibilities — that any individual could learn to read and write and achieve their goals with individual determination, and a multi-sensory curriculum designed for persons with learning differences.  Please support Nancy’s vision by donating to the Nancy Spivey Scholarship Fund.


Volunteer Appreciation Brunch Poem

LIFT staff, board members, partners, and volunteers recently participated in a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch held at the Shelton School in Dallas.  Volunteers spoke from the heart about what it’s like to serve as a volunteer in the adult education programs at LIFT.  To close out the morning, LIFT’s Volunteer Coordinator shared a poem with us that shows the emotional relationship between volunteering and making the world a better place.

Life’s Troubles Would Fade Away

Written in 1968 by Doris Black-Hubbard
following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


If I could bring joy out of gloom and tears,

If I could soothe a stranger’s lonely fears,

If I could bring love out of venomous hate,

If I could reach someone before it’s too late,

Then I could, perhaps, change a dimmer fate,

And life’s troubles would fade away.


If I could look up and forget the past,

If I could smile where dark shadows are cast,

If I could remember and yet not relive,

If I could forget as well as forgive,

Then I could give someone a new chance to live,

And life’s troubles would fade away.


If I could love foes as well as friends,

If I could forget pride and make amends,

If I could give with no hope of return,

If I could deserve whatever I’ve earned,

Then I could teach others as I have learned,

And life’s troubles would fade away.

Duke Engage @ LIFT

We are so grateful for another Duke Engage day at LIFT!

During their visit on April 22nd 2017 from 10am-1pm, Duke alumni will conduct a resume and interview workshop.

We at LIFT are very appreciative of the continued support of Duke alumni.  A special thank you goes out to the coordinator of the workshop and a valued volunteer in the ELA program, Andy Halpern.