Volunteer Appreciation Brunch Poem

LIFT staff, board members, partners, and volunteers recently participated in a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch held at the Shelton School in Dallas.  Volunteers spoke from the heart about what it’s like to serve as a volunteer in the adult education programs at LIFT.  To close out the morning, LIFT’s Volunteer Coordinator shared a poem with us that shows the emotional relationship between volunteering and making the world a better place.

Life’s Troubles Would Fade Away

Written in 1968 by Doris Black-Hubbard
following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


If I could bring joy out of gloom and tears,

If I could soothe a stranger’s lonely fears,

If I could bring love out of venomous hate,

If I could reach someone before it’s too late,

Then I could, perhaps, change a dimmer fate,

And life’s troubles would fade away.


If I could look up and forget the past,

If I could smile where dark shadows are cast,

If I could remember and yet not relive,

If I could forget as well as forgive,

Then I could give someone a new chance to live,

And life’s troubles would fade away.


If I could love foes as well as friends,

If I could forget pride and make amends,

If I could give with no hope of return,

If I could deserve whatever I’ve earned,

Then I could teach others as I have learned,

And life’s troubles would fade away.