Letters from Linda

April 2018

LIFT is six weeks away from the end of its fiscal year…and I am thrilled about the exciting opportunities presenting themselves as we strategically grow and continuously improve adult literacy programs.  We are meeting new partners, new students, new volunteers, and, significantly, new donors.

We truly appreciate the individuals, foundations, corporations, and government entities that fund LIFT programs.   This funding is crucial to LIFT as the cost to provide reading, GED preparation, or English language acquisition is more than $600 per student.  The only fee LIFT charges its students–most of whom are working several jobs and still barely making ends meet—is $25 to partially cover the cost of student handbooks.

As we close this fiscal year we ask you to consider a year-end gift to LIFT.  Your donation will provide the training, supplies, and space to create a classroom environment where success comes from the ability to provide quality instruction in an encouraging and supportive culture.

Your gift is most deeply appreciated by our incredible adult learners who frequently tell us how grateful they are to have this opportunity to learn.  Your donation can be made in minutes online. You can also mail a check to 1610 S. Malcom X Blvd. Dallas, TX 75226 or call 214-824-2000 to make your donation today. 

From the bottom of our students’ and our hearts…thank you!

Linda K. Johnson, Ph.D.