Letters from Linda

February 2018

Partners are critical to expanding LIFT’s services to fulfill its mission to serve low-literate Texans.  Luckily, a new pilot program, Better Together Fund, was launched in June 2017 to encourage and support nonprofits to explore formal, long-term collaborations to maximize impact.  Sponsorship and oversight of Better Together Fund is provided by its founding steering committee:  The Dallas Foundation, Lyda Hill/LH Holdings, Inc., The Meadows Foundation, and the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.

In August 2017, after LIFT Board Chair Paul Thibodeaux invited a Better Together Fund representative to the Board retreat, the Board voted to apply for a first phase grant, the Readiness Assessment.  An ad-hoc Board committee worked with me to successfully complete the application process.  The resulting strategic discussions with the Board, LIFT senior staff, and La Piana Consulting revealed what LIFT was seeking (IT solutions and additional students) and what LIFT offers to partners (successful adult literacy programs; highly-trained and motivated staff and volunteers; longstanding tenure; and association with CitySquare).

LIFT is actively exploring new opportunities to partner with companies, government entities, and other nonprofits.  If you have a great idea about a potential partner, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


Linda K. Johnson, Ph.D.