Public Works Dallas “Storytelling Workshop” returns to LIFT in March

Public Works Dallas will be returning to LIFT on March 15 to host storytelling workshops every Thursday.  The workshops will go from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm.  The workshops are open to all LIFT students, staff and volunteers as well as the community at large.  Participants will learn storytelling techniques, improvisation, movement, and other skills needed for stage productions.  The workshops are being led by Chris Ramirez. The previous workshop instructor, Ace Anderson, is busy working on The Great Society and Trials of Sam Houston productions. 

The workshop will conclude with the participants auditioning for roles in a community production of “A Winter’s Tale” by William Shakespeare.  The performance will take place later this year at the Wiley Theater in the Dallas Theater Center.  Last year’s workshop culminated in the production of The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  Over 200 members of the community participated in the production, which included several professional actors and community groups.

LIFT is one of 5 community organizations that are participating in Public Works Dallas workshops.

For questions, please contact Leah Harris at Public Works Dallas.